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The Bhangarh Fort is located on the border of the Sariska Reserve in the Aravali range of hills in Alwar district of Rajasthan.[4] The nearest village is Golakha.[2] The fort is situated at the foot of the hills on sloping terrain. The ruins of the King’s palace is located on the lower slopes of the hills and trees surround the pond area and a natural stream falls into the pond within the premises of the palace.


Abhaneri is famous for its Post-gupta or early medieval monuments. Itis situated at about 33 Kms from the district headquarter towards Bandikui. The Chand Baori(Step Well) and Harshat Mata Temple are the important places to visit. The temple is an execellent example of intricate carving on stone whereas the Baori has stairs with unparallel artistic and architectural beauty.


Bhandarej is famous for walls, sculptures, decorative lattice work, terracotta utensils etc found in excavation. It is situated at about 10 Kms from the district headquarter towards Sikandra on NH-11. The Bhandarej Baori (Step Well) and Hotel Bhadravati Palace are important places to visit. The Baori is a magnificent architectural creation and has 150 wide steps going towards the main well, approximately 70 feet in width. The Palace is an interesting blend of both Mughal and Rajput architecture having courtyards, arched windows and traditionally painted verandahs.

Khawarao ji

Khawaraoji is famous for residence of the then rular Raoji and natural beauty. It is situated at about 25 Kms from the district headquarter towards Sikrai. Though, it has typical way to reach this place, the fort like residence is converted into the Khawaraoji Heritage Hotel. Surrounded by hills at the three sides, and having Amol Ghati nearby with natural beauty, this place has worth to visit by tourists.


Jhajhirampura is famous for the natural water tank and temples of Rudra (Shiv), Balaji(Hanuman) and other religious god and godess. It is situated at around 45 Kms from district headquarter towards Baswa (Bandikui). Surrounded by hills and with natural water resource, this place has natural and spiritual glory.

Temples and Religious Spots

Mehndipur Balaji

Temple of Bajrang Bali (Hanuman) god is famous for treatment of mentally disturbed people by the PRETRAJ.With the tremendous growth in medical sciences in the world, still people from all over India come to this place to overcome such diseases. The number of visitors turn-up, number of residential accommodations and volume of donations receivedby the temple show the importance of this place. It is situated about 40 Kms from district headquarter on NH11 towards Mahwa/Agra.

Neelkanth & Panch Mahadev

Dausa is also known as DEVNAGRI. In fact, Sahajnath, Somnath, Gupteshwar & Neelkanth, the five images of God Shive (Mahadev) are situated in the temples at Dausa. The temple of Neelkanth, situated on the plateau of the nearby hill, shows its ancient glory and spiritual presence. The roap-way also attracts the tourists to enjoy the faith of this religious place.


Gatolav, at the district headquarter, is famous for the birth of Sant Sunderdas who had been preached by his master, Sant Dadudayal, the founder of Dadupanthi religion. This place has been improved for tourist purpose, particularly for swimming and boating.