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About Dausa

Dausa district is located in the eastern part of the state of Rajasthan. The district of Dausa is surrounded by Alwar district in the north,Sawai Madhopur district in the south, Bharatpur district in the northeast, Karauli district in the southwest and Jaipur district in the west.

Dausa District Map gives detailed information about the district such as major road networks, places of interest, boundary of the district and other geographical features.


According to the report of 2001 India census, Dausa district has a population of around 13,17,063.


The climate of Dausa is generally dry.

Getting to

Transportation in Dausa is well-developed. The nearest airport to Dausa is Sanganer Airport at Jaipur. The district is well-connected by an extensive rail network. The nearest railway station is Bandikui Junction.

Apart from rail access, the district is also connected with all the major towns and cities by road. NH-11 passes through Dausa and it connects Bikaner to the district of Agra.

Tourist Attractions

Some of the popular places of interests in Dausa are Mehandipur Balaji temple, Mataji Ka Mandir, Nilkanth Mahadev Temple and the Temples dedicated to Lord Shiva.


Apart from sightseeing, the travelers can also enjoy the local festivals of Dausa. Some of them are Basant Mela, Dolchi Holi and Shekh Jamal’s Urs.

Folk Music

The folk art of Hela-Khayal is a unique feature of the culture of the region.

Dausa - A Tranquil Sojourn To Ancient Town

Your Dausa travel will begin from NH 11. Dausa, a rural city is a cool place to hang around for a day while staying at Jaipur. Just at 54 km east of the Pink City, Dausa is an ancient town of archeological significance. It once had the pleasure of being the first capital of the quomdam Kacchawaha clan of Dhundhar. This happened in 1037 AD, when Rajput king, Duleh Rai, annexed the land from the tribe of Susawat Minas and made Dausa his capital city. Now it is a silent spectator of the bygone glory with an old fort in one side and small havelis dotted all over the terrain. Recently archaeologists visited Dausa and discovered some interesting antiquities, which are believed to belong to the late medieval period. You too should pay a vist to the famous rural destination of Dausa that has historical attractions.

Where The History Speaks For Itself

Being a site of substantial archeological importance, it is not bizarre to find many archaic temples dotting the green terrains of Dausa. Enjoy a holiday in Dausa wherein tourists can drive upto the Nilkanth Mahadev Temple, sitted on the summit of a squat hill and trimmed with picturesque surroundings. This temple is the major attraction of Dausa. An interesting thing about the shrine is that only the top of the Shiv Lingam is visible above the ground, and it is believed that the endless part has gone down to the underworld. One can also visit Mataji ka Mandir, housing some fine examples of stone sculpture, dating back to12th century AD. It is one of those holy sites where spirituality augments with the serene ambiance, pulsating with the euphony of bells that can be heard from quite a miles away. If on a holiday trip to Dausa, don't forget to visit the Dargah of Hazrat Khwaja Jamaluddin Shah Baba, in particular if you want a few miracles in your life. Wait for Mondays when the lethargic famous village city of Dausa springs up to life because of a special market, set up nearby. Leather merchants from nearby districts cluster here to sell some exquisite articles made of camel leather.